Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a difference a year makes!!!

Today we went to a pajama themed birthday party. Addie wanted to wear her new skeleton jammies... so I laid out Chris's new fall jammies- When I bought them, they were out of the "bones" jammies in Chris's size, so I got some pirate ones for him. He decided he wanted to wear his skeleton jammies from last year to be like Addie... Thinking it wasn't too big of a deal, I agreed and let him get dressed. It was fine... until we were walking up to the party and I noticed how small Chris's p.j's were... and that there was a hole at the top of his pants. That wouldn't have been too bad... except for the fact that my son never wears undies with his pajamas... and thought that he didn't need them at the birthday party either. Nice.

Wow- my kids are growing up way too fast!!!

How About Them Skins?

I don't even think I'll go there... or try to defend my skins... I'm just hoping Zorn doesn't get axed in the morning:(

Happy Fall Y'all... We had a busy weekend... I actually got to go to Georgetown friday night to see my cousin Sara's place... talk about a-dor-able!!! She is totally living Sex and the City... and we got to hang out and laugh all night long watching the Todd and Pasha show:) The rest of the weekend was filled with birthday parties, park time, a fall festival- you can't pass up free pumpkins:), and of course, family time...

When we got to my parent's house tonight, I saw this on their front porch... Have you ever had a random thing just make you happy? This did... my mom is sooo talented... she painted a freakin' pumpkin and made this thing up... Oh lord... I'm turning into Judy... pumpkins and fall decorating are making me giddy!!!

The kids had a great time hanging out...

My Sweetness

I was busy cleaning up while Chris was at school... and I looked in the family room and saw this... Addie was nakie... watching cartoons with her nakie baby doll- stroller and all- on my couch:) How cute:)

Brotherly Love

You would think that after thirty or so years you would quit picking on your siblings... but not in my family. Christopher spends a few minutes with Uncle Todd... and comes back with this... written on his hand. Lovely!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stick a fork in me!

We had a full day today... but I left my camera behind... but who doesn't love a flashback?:)

Daddy had been gone all week with work. Today started out with preschool and ballet, and then Aunt Ra-Ra invited us to the park. Of course we couldn't pass that up... but after an hour and a half park playdate and a visit to Nanny and Pappy's... it was too late to take a nap... and we are a napping family! I decided to keep the kids up~ so after two more parks, dinner, and showers, the kids went to bed early~ but I am done! I'm sooo tired! The kids didn't hold back on making me laugh today...

Random boy at the park to Chris~ Hey- Is your name Vinny?
Chris~ Vinny, what?
Random boy~ Is your name Vinny?
Chris~ Vinny- what kind of name is that?
Random boy~ My name is Vinny.
Chris~ My name is not Vinny~ And my daddy would NOT like that name!

In the morning, Chris and I were watching a friend's you tube video of her baby (Ashley- it was our friend- Kelly... HA!) and I asked Chris if he wanted me to have another baby- and No, I'm not pregnant... He said, "Yes Mommy, but this one has to be a Cowboys fan, too." Oh my- where did I go wrong- Brendan has brainwashed my son and he's officially a Cowboys fan:(

Poor little Addie fell at the park and has the biggest goose egg and bruise on her forehead:( Poor thing! She's still in good spirits though... after prayers, Addie looked at Chris and randomly said, "Chrisey, you are sooooo handsome. And I am soooooo pretty." So sweet:)

It was a long, but fun day... and I'm glad it's over... this mama is headed to grab a diet coke and to watch Grey's!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My quest...

The kids and I have been on a mission for over a month now... I have never found a four leaf clover in my entire life... and I want to find one... or get one!!! Every time we go to the park, we sit down and search for them... but so far, as Chris says, "we're not lucky." When preschool is let out, all the kids sit on the steps outside of the church with the teachers, and the moms all take turns getting their kid. Today, Chris was sooo proud.. it was his turn to get up and he ran right to me and in front of everyone he said, "Look what I got you Mommy!!!! I got you a three-leaf clover. I couldn't find you a four one, but I got you a three one!" He was soooo excited- and of course it melted my heart:) Everyone else kind of just laughed, but if they knew what we do and how we're trying so hard to find one, they would know that I was sooo proud to know he was thinking about his mama while he was in school:)


I found this outfit hidden in Addie's closet... I bought it to have beach pictures taken but didn't get to it this year... Today, we totally broke the "don't wear white after Labor Day rule" and it was o.k. because she looked adorable... I soooo wish I had gotten pictures of the kids on the beach this year, but for now, enjoy these!:)

Apple Picking

While Daddy was away for guy's weekend at the Hokies game, I was trying to find a fun activity for the kids and I to do. Luckily, my neighbor's hubby was busy too, so we teamed up to take the kids on an adventure:) She and I have become really close- we both have kids within 6 months of each other, and her son, Jason, is in Chris's class. They live a couple houses down so most nights, we hang out together and referee the kids:) We started our adventure by going to Tarara Winery to pick apples... but they had this huge wine festival going on, so we didn't think it would be the best place... So we loaded the kids back in the car and drove out to Purcellville. We picniced at Franklin Park and let the kids play forever at the park. The weather was sooo nice!

After that, we ventured to Crooked Run Orchard and went apple picking. I had never been so it was a first for me and the kids. The kids filled their buckets, and we've been eating apples all week:)


Saturday was the start of flag football for Chris!!! I am totally going to be that mom screaming and cheering at every game:) Chris loved playing and he had lots of fans... Uncle E, Nona, Papa, Todd, Aunt Ra-Ra, Mage and Jack all joined Addie and I to cheer him on. As usual I was holding my breath with Chris... and as usual, he brought... how do I put it nicely... let's just say, he brought life and personality to the game. On the first play, Chris lined up on the scrimmage line, started making a scary face and was growling. He pointed to the other team and said, "You guys are going down. I'm gonna kill you guys." Way to go Chris...... and then the coaches on the field reminded everyone to just have "nice talk." HA! That's my boy. Chris was twice the size of all the kids and was really into the game... I think he would start tackle football if he could:)

Showing off his mouthpiece:)

That's my boy... #12:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

They don't miss a thing!

Tonight, we had Averey over to hang out and the kids were in heavan... They pretty much idolize him. He's so good with them~ he plays with them, listens to their nonsense, and will even step in and discipline them in his own innocent way so I don't have to:) BUT... you can soooo tell my kids are hanging out with a teenager. Chris now loves the phrase, "You lazy bum," he knows how to grab someones belly and flip them over in a suplex fashion, and the best was:

Chris~ Hey, Mommy...
Mommy~ Yes, Chris?
Chris~ What does pimp mean?

We ordered Domino's in pure Paigie K fashion and cheered on the Hokies... Can I just say Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!! Go HOKIES! And Jen, please make Adam read my blog... I am sincerely sorry about USC... from the bottom of my heart. HA!..but maybe it's just setting up things for a rematch between Alabama and Virginia Tech in a National Championship (at least until Tech is creamed by Miami)~ and Adam, you know you'll have to join us again:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Park, Picnics, and Playdates

I HATE that summer is over, but we have been loving this great weather! We continue to hit up parks and are staying busy!

Sweet Mage- he's the most photogenic kid I know!

If all else fails, Volleyball courts work well... the kids can bury Aunt Ra-Ra's feet in the sand!

Picnicing at Tavistock

I LOVE this boy! Climbing trees is his new thing... I feel another broken arm coming on... Let's hope not!

First day of school 2009

Chris had his first day of school this week and of course we make it the biggest deal ever... My mom always did this when we were growing up- We always had to wear plaid, we had to take pictures, and I will continue to do this with my kids! Little Addie woke up and was convinced she was going to school, too... She even had to wear her bookbag. Chris went right into school without any problems. He's going to Leesburg United Methodist Preschool again this year, but for three days a week. We LOVE the school... and I'd love to say that I love the break. BUT, this week, Addie and I have felt kind of lost without Chris. It's quiet and she really misses her brother... and mommy does, too.

When I picked Chris up, we were talking about his first day of school. I went through the usual, "How did you like your teacher, Who did you play with, What did you do".... And then I had to tease him. I always pick on him that he likes different girls and he gets really embarassed... but he's learning to put me in my place!..
Mommy~ I saw you were sitting by Elle when I picked you up... Awwwww... what were you two talking about?
Chris~ We were just talking about when we're getting married.
Mommy~ WHAT!?!
Chris~ Nawww... Just kidding. HA!

Ticonderoga Farms

After a wild weekend, it was back to Mommyhood on Monday. I met up with my friend Katie and her children and we spent the morning at Ticonderoga Farms. This place was awesome for kids... It was such a nice day that we actually spent a few hours and even picniced... We rode slides, visited animals, took a hay ride and the kids got to each pick a tomato, they played in forts, with legos, sand/rice tables, bean bag toss, tetherball (where I had to work on my mommy skills- I caught myself really trying to win and I was killing Chris- I then realized I was playing my son and let him win).

The day was almost picture perfect until the very end. Chris, Addie, and I decided to go see the animals one more time... And a rooster totally flew up and pecked Addie... hard! Poor thing.
On the way home we were doing the usual- I always try and make conversation (maybe for my own sanity:)) and I was asking them what makes them happy and what makes them sad (I guess this comes from my working at the group home days).
Mommy~ What makes you happy Chris?
Chris~ That I have a lot of friends.
Mommy~ What makes you sad?
Chris~ That when I was a little boy and I was trying to catch bugs, I accidentally killed one. (And to think I thought he did that on purpose!)
Mommy~ What makes you happy Addie?
Addie~ Pink, I love pink!
Mommy~ What makes you sad?
Addie~ (in the saddest voice ever) Chickens.

Wooo Hooo to Lauren Lizzie and a Disclaimer!

I'd love to document Saturday nights events... but let's just say that I probably wouldn't want any of those pictures in a book for my children... HA! They just wouldn't make the cut! But I would like to give a big shout out to my cousin Lauren... In one month, she'll join the ranks of being a married woman! I can't believe it... We celebrated by having a bachelorette party this weekend... and let's just say we had a great time:) Aunt Ra-Ra and I decided we were young for a night and tried to hang... and then we realized the next day why we don't try and do that anymore! Congrats Lauren and Kevin and we can't wait to celebrate your BIG day! We love you!

TuTu Cute

Little Miss Addie Tay started ballet class last week and LOVED it! I realize that she is probably going to be way too tall to ever be a ballerina... and if she has her mama's rythym... she's doomed, but she's actually going to a ballet academy in Leesburg. Talk about serious... she has to have a pink or black leotard, pink tights, leather ballet shoes, her hair pulled back... and this is just at age 2! It's soooo cute though and she's finally getting to do something totally girlie just by herself:) Poor little thing is always being carted around to brother's activities... so this is really fun for us to have some "girl time." I love Chris with all my heart, but doing things with Addie is much different. 99% of the time, Chris is great... but when he was younger at classes and activities, I was always "holding my breath" just waiting for him to punch the teacher or something. Chris is just Chris- and Addison is a whole different personality... Knock on wood... and Lord help me during those teenage years, but when she went to class, I knew in my heart she would do great. She listens and is just a total sweetheart... and she was... She looked as if she had taken ballet for years and did just as the teacher said... and for once, I could be "that mom" that just sat there and watched calmly while enjoying myself:) She is such an easy child... Let's hope it stays that way:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing up toooo fast!

I know I'm behind on updating my blog... and I promise I'll get to it this week... but tonight I'm feeling completely sentimental. My little, Christopher, is starting preschool in the morning... He's gone for a couple of years, but this year it's three days a week and I'm just realizing that this time next year, I'll be sending him off to school. I remember there have been times that I prayed for him to grow up and go to school... but now that it's getting closer, it makes me sad! He's growing up way too fast... he's almost five! I guess I just never thought my little baby would grow up so fast:(...

This morning, I got a glimpse of what life with a boy is going to be like. Brendan, Addie, Chris, and I were all in the family room watching a movie before we started our day... Chris got down right beside Brendan... he bent over, and let loose in Brendan's face. He stood up and was laughing... and said, "Hey guys... I have a toot gun! You just bend over, aim, and fire. It's my toot gun!" Oh my, oh my!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy:)

I can't forget one of the best days of the year... B-baby's birthday! The kids were so cute- they wanted to throw Brendan a birthday party. We ventured out to the party store... and we had a Star Wars party- complete with plates and decorations- The picture doesn't show our streamers... Chris picked them out- red for the bad guys, green for the good guys, and blue because it's his favorite color. We made a cake (my first double layer cake, ever... I've always made 13x9 cakes... and I borrowed circular pans to make a double layer cake- I was soooo proud:)), had root beer floats, and gave Brendan his oh so lovely paintings the kids made him:)

We love you Daddy soooooo much!

This has been a crazy week... Addie had her first dentist appointment, Chris had meet the teacher night, and we're trying to settle back into a routine. I pretty much had a meltdown when I saw that our pool was officially closed:( But I will have to say, I'm ready to get back into a routine... we have lots of activities we are starting... To be continued:)