Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy:)

I can't forget one of the best days of the year... B-baby's birthday! The kids were so cute- they wanted to throw Brendan a birthday party. We ventured out to the party store... and we had a Star Wars party- complete with plates and decorations- The picture doesn't show our streamers... Chris picked them out- red for the bad guys, green for the good guys, and blue because it's his favorite color. We made a cake (my first double layer cake, ever... I've always made 13x9 cakes... and I borrowed circular pans to make a double layer cake- I was soooo proud:)), had root beer floats, and gave Brendan his oh so lovely paintings the kids made him:)

We love you Daddy soooooo much!

This has been a crazy week... Addie had her first dentist appointment, Chris had meet the teacher night, and we're trying to settle back into a routine. I pretty much had a meltdown when I saw that our pool was officially closed:( But I will have to say, I'm ready to get back into a routine... we have lots of activities we are starting... To be continued:)