Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stick a fork in me!

We had a full day today... but I left my camera behind... but who doesn't love a flashback?:)

Daddy had been gone all week with work. Today started out with preschool and ballet, and then Aunt Ra-Ra invited us to the park. Of course we couldn't pass that up... but after an hour and a half park playdate and a visit to Nanny and Pappy's... it was too late to take a nap... and we are a napping family! I decided to keep the kids up~ so after two more parks, dinner, and showers, the kids went to bed early~ but I am done! I'm sooo tired! The kids didn't hold back on making me laugh today...

Random boy at the park to Chris~ Hey- Is your name Vinny?
Chris~ Vinny, what?
Random boy~ Is your name Vinny?
Chris~ Vinny- what kind of name is that?
Random boy~ My name is Vinny.
Chris~ My name is not Vinny~ And my daddy would NOT like that name!

In the morning, Chris and I were watching a friend's you tube video of her baby (Ashley- it was our friend- Kelly... HA!) and I asked Chris if he wanted me to have another baby- and No, I'm not pregnant... He said, "Yes Mommy, but this one has to be a Cowboys fan, too." Oh my- where did I go wrong- Brendan has brainwashed my son and he's officially a Cowboys fan:(

Poor little Addie fell at the park and has the biggest goose egg and bruise on her forehead:( Poor thing! She's still in good spirits though... after prayers, Addie looked at Chris and randomly said, "Chrisey, you are sooooo handsome. And I am soooooo pretty." So sweet:)

It was a long, but fun day... and I'm glad it's over... this mama is headed to grab a diet coke and to watch Grey's!!!