Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First day of school 2009

Chris had his first day of school this week and of course we make it the biggest deal ever... My mom always did this when we were growing up- We always had to wear plaid, we had to take pictures, and I will continue to do this with my kids! Little Addie woke up and was convinced she was going to school, too... She even had to wear her bookbag. Chris went right into school without any problems. He's going to Leesburg United Methodist Preschool again this year, but for three days a week. We LOVE the school... and I'd love to say that I love the break. BUT, this week, Addie and I have felt kind of lost without Chris. It's quiet and she really misses her brother... and mommy does, too.

When I picked Chris up, we were talking about his first day of school. I went through the usual, "How did you like your teacher, Who did you play with, What did you do".... And then I had to tease him. I always pick on him that he likes different girls and he gets really embarassed... but he's learning to put me in my place!..
Mommy~ I saw you were sitting by Elle when I picked you up... Awwwww... what were you two talking about?
Chris~ We were just talking about when we're getting married.
Mommy~ WHAT!?!
Chris~ Nawww... Just kidding. HA!