Wednesday, September 9, 2009


GOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOKIES.... Even if you did let us down, I'm still a fan:) We woke up early Saturday morning to join the Gameday crowd... This is one show that I will watch every week with Brendan... Kirk Herbstreet is my one celebrity crush~ and I could look at him all day:)

We actually got to meet up with Dean and Alexis:)

My favorite poster:)

Be Still My Heart... Look who walked right by me!!! I was stopped for him to walk by... No one else was around us and Rusty said, "Roll Tide." Herbstreet gave a "Roll Tide" back to us... I should have known then it might not be Tech's day... It's o.k., though... my day was made- he's even hotter in person:)

And I can't leave out Good ol' Lee:)