Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Picking

While Daddy was away for guy's weekend at the Hokies game, I was trying to find a fun activity for the kids and I to do. Luckily, my neighbor's hubby was busy too, so we teamed up to take the kids on an adventure:) She and I have become really close- we both have kids within 6 months of each other, and her son, Jason, is in Chris's class. They live a couple houses down so most nights, we hang out together and referee the kids:) We started our adventure by going to Tarara Winery to pick apples... but they had this huge wine festival going on, so we didn't think it would be the best place... So we loaded the kids back in the car and drove out to Purcellville. We picniced at Franklin Park and let the kids play forever at the park. The weather was sooo nice!

After that, we ventured to Crooked Run Orchard and went apple picking. I had never been so it was a first for me and the kids. The kids filled their buckets, and we've been eating apples all week:)