Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stone Mountain

After a seven hour car ride, we made it to the Atlanta on Friday afternoon... and we met up with Ashley and Rusty. Since Ash and I are married to smart people... we, of course, had to do something educational... We went to Stone Mountain... which turned out to be pretty neat. There is a carving from some war and it's a huge mountain made out of a natural rock... and it was so beautiful.

We also go to meet up with one of Brendan's best frieds from high school, Candy, and it was great to catch up with her. Candy's hubby joined us later in the night and they took us to an awesome Italian restaraunt that was sooooooo good... um, can we say Smores Calzones!!!?

We decided to actually do the hike and hike to the top of Stone Mountain... It was quite an adventure... We saw this fox and I thought I was going to die... and almost killed Brendan when I jumped on his back... Luckily, we all are still alive:)

We were able to see all of Atlanta from the top:)

I was fascinated by this tree... covered in gum... I guess I'm easily entertained:)

Here's W.R., himself... defacing Stone Mountain. J/K... We just came across his initials... but when he becomes the Governor of Alabama... I have incriminating evidence:)

Yes... and some things just don't change.... Here's Ashley... She met us at the top of the mountain~ She took the tram up... and had a ticket to ride the tram back down. We made her hike with us back down... It was quite the trip in her blinged out shoes...

At least she gave us a good laugh:) A good time was had by all:)