Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Saturday was the start of flag football for Chris!!! I am totally going to be that mom screaming and cheering at every game:) Chris loved playing and he had lots of fans... Uncle E, Nona, Papa, Todd, Aunt Ra-Ra, Mage and Jack all joined Addie and I to cheer him on. As usual I was holding my breath with Chris... and as usual, he brought... how do I put it nicely... let's just say, he brought life and personality to the game. On the first play, Chris lined up on the scrimmage line, started making a scary face and was growling. He pointed to the other team and said, "You guys are going down. I'm gonna kill you guys." Way to go Chris...... and then the coaches on the field reminded everyone to just have "nice talk." HA! That's my boy. Chris was twice the size of all the kids and was really into the game... I think he would start tackle football if he could:)

Showing off his mouthpiece:)

That's my boy... #12:)