Monday, August 8, 2011

Ashley and Crew Visit!!!

Rusty had business in D.C., so Ashley and the girls came up to visit for five days! We pretty much did a bunch of nothing- Ashley and I got our fix by going to a Matilda Jane kid's clothing show, we went to the Algonkian water park, ate out, spent a day at the pool, and vegged. It wasn't our finest parenting moments when we put the kids to bed with electronics- Ya know- piled them all in a bed with an I-Pad and said good night- ha, but we had a GREAT week. They are the type of friends you don't have to do anything for, have anything planned, and we can just hang... and be happy. So happy, that once again didn't break out the pictures!!! I have to get some from Ashley!

We heard that Taylor Swift was in concert, but neither of us had money to spend on tickets- Ya know, since we had just been to Matilda Jane- Ha! We jokingly asked Todd if he had any hook-ups (kind of knowing he's cool like that)... and he really did come through. More than one of his connections came through, so we actually ended up with 4 tickets and got to take Betsey and Rusty to the show. Taylor Swift is Betsey's favorite- and she was in heavan!!! Ashley and I took the section 111 tickets thinking they were so close (yes, they were awesome)... and when we went to check on Betsey and Rusty- they were on the club level in row A! That's what we get for trying to take the best ones! When we got to the concert, Todd took us off the metro at the wrong place- we were drenched! My white shirt was completely see-thru and we looked like drowned rats... but trust me, all we had was praise for Todd- and we owe him big time!!! It was an awesome night! And I'm now a bigger T.S. fan than ever- she sings so much better than I thought and she's soooo pretty in person!