Sunday, February 7, 2010


Did we move to Alaska and someone just forgot to tell me??? Seriously- this is getting to be ridiculous! We had another snow storm and we got about 31 inches of snow~ and more is coming this week! I've vented enough about hating cold weather, but we have actually had a fun weekend. Brendan's been home and I'm pretty sure he and Chris have logged about 12 hours of sledding. They have built jumps and Chris has learned to get "AIR" and loves it. He even goes down with his hands in the air like he's riding a roller coaster. Addie is more like her mama and doesn't like being cold. She and I have had lots of "girl time" and we've made homemade cookies, snow ice cream, and gotten some projects done around the house. Today, Nona, Papa, Todd, Sarah, and the boys came over for some family sleigh riding... and vegetable soup. It was fun to get together and hang out! My camera is still at Nanny's... but enjoy these pictures!