Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chester, VA

While were in Chester, Brendan and I decided to stop by our first house we ever owned and show the kids. It was bittersweet... To this day, we both say that we loved that house! We planted every bush that you see, installed the front storm door and address sign, put in a hardwood floor in the kitchen, and even painted a green wall that sparkled- I mixed glitter in with the Ralph Lauren textured paint- Yeah, what was I thinking!?!

After a crazy closing- resulting us in getting PODS and living with my parents, we are officially moved into our house. Brendan is so excited- and he pointed out for the first time ever, I talk about future plans in our house- like, "When the kids are in high school..." I'm soooo over moving and I think we have finally found the place we will raise our children in... until we have to sell it to pay for college.:) Now, come visit!!!