Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ocean City!!!

Brendan and I look forward to "our" little family's mini vacation every year. This year we returned to the Ocean City Hilton just like last year. It's a short drive- and you can't get better than the beach and a waterpark! It was a very bittersweet year for us. The kids LOVED it! Brendan and I had fun, but we both realized how much the kids are growing up. They met a brother and sister from New Jersey and would spend all day in the pool with them. They must have done the water slide over a hundred times a day! They wanted to play with "their friends". At the beach, I even rented a beach chair and lounged while the kids played in the sand. It was kind of sad that they didn't "need" us every second. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. The hotel even had free daycare from 2-4 where they had arts and crafts and from 5-8 for movie time... but Brendan and I just weren't ready to part from the kids. It was crazy- That is like our dream come true- a free kid's club and time to be just us... and we just couldn't do it. We tagged along and did the arts and crafts with them every day.:) It was such a fun getaway... and bonus points for my hubby. He'd let me sleep in a little bit... I'd open my balcony- and see father of the year on the beach with his kids.:) I am blessed.:)