Monday, September 20, 2010

Nanny and Pappy Make a Visit

Happy Fall Ya'll!!! I'm beginning to start decorating for the fall... this is just a start. I was on the search this week for an old rickety chair for my front porch. This one is cute, it's not my favorite... but it'll do. Addie and I went antiqueing one day when Chris was in school. Addie just happened to knock over an entire display- including a glass jar filled with seashells. Luckily, nothing broke- but it was soooo loud and such a mess that to distract from the situation- I went with this chair! Ha!

Nanny and Pappy made a visit to see our new house. I even took the wheelchair inside and gave Nanny a tour.:) They got to see Chris get off the bus and they said they really enjoyed getting out. Chris, Addie, Nanny, Pappy, and I have decided that we are starting our own ice cream club. Every other Friday we're going to go out for ice cream after Chris is done with school and we're on the search for the best ice cream in Loudoun. If anyone ever wants to join in on the fun- let me know!