Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Daughter Day

Since we went to Disney in February, we decided to have a staycation for spring break. Chris got completely spoiled and had a getaway with Pop Pop and Gram at the lake (blog post to come) for a few days and then he spent two days at Tae Kwon Do camp. We had actually signed both kids up for one day- but when Addie was too scared to leave me, it turned into Chris getting two days. He loved it and took field trips in a stretch Hummer limo to laser tag, the Air and Space Museum, and I swear he grew up in those two days. I hated being gone from him and was too uneasy feeling so I don't think we'll be doing any more camps this summer- although I'm sure if was up to him, he'd go in a heartbeat!

Addie got to spend time being monkey in the middle, having playdates, swimming with Daddy, and having Mommy Daughter Day. We hung out with Nona, pampered our little girl, and we went for joint manicures and pedicures. They gave her the works and even massaged her legs. I thought it was special and they even painted flowers on her fingers... but when we got home, she had me paint over the flower because she wanted to be just like Mommy... Awwww.:)