Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yellow Belt!!!

Woo Hoo! Chris had an awesome week- He was awarded Snow Swimmer of the Month and started a new afterschool activity- Fabulous Crafts. He was so excited to bring home his sock puppet that he turned into a Rockstar- just like the boys from Big Time Rush... Ha! He also got his Yellow belt! We were so proud of him. He really takes Tae Kwon Do seriously- He practices his forms, Korean, and kicks all the time at home- He just loves it!

I thought it was so cute- he looked back at me when he got his yellow belt- He was so proud.:)

He also got awarded a trophy for best form during testing!

Uncle E, Nona, and Papa also came to watch the fun.:)

Chris was so funny... The Master's made Korean Bar-B-Que for the students and we celebrated with a potluck dinner. Chris can't wait to get his next belt... because he wants more beef! LOL!

Mage got another new belt, too!!!

Jack got a green belt!

And we can't forget our little Karate Princess... Attention. I'm pretty sure she could have her yellow belt, too- She can count in Korean and even do the kicking sequence better than half of the kids in Chris's class!