Monday, October 19, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy

I can't believe my cousin Lauren is a married woman:) She had the most beautiful wedding this weekend, and I was so honored that both of my children were a part of it:) I love you Lauren and Kevin!!! Addison was the flower girl- and despite being sick walked down an aisle in front of 200 people all by herself~ I was so proud. She was the cutest thing ever until she puked all over herself and her dress... and needless to say, Brendan took her home before the reception started:( Chris also had a special job- I'm horrible because I don't have any pictures- I didn't know if they wanted flash photography and I don't know how to turn my flash off... so when I get some from Eddie, I will post them... Chris and cousin Mage stole the show as bell ringers. They walked down the aisle before the wedding party started ringing monogrammed bells and yelled, "They're coming, They're coming." They did such a great job and it really was adorable! Lauren was an absolutely stunning bride and the wedding had so many special touches that truly made it a night to remember. I cried my eyes out, Chuck wrote Lauren a special song that they danced to, the food was soooo good, and eventhough the weather didn't cooperate, the wedding was breathtaking... Please check out this website... It's the florist's blog and she details some of the special touches from the wedding... you'll see what I mean by breathtaking... completely elegant:)

And with further ado... Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy... oh- and poo on them... They are basking in the sun at St. Lucia right now!