Monday, October 5, 2009

If you were a fly on our wall...

I sometimes refrain from posting things on my blog because some of you might think we live in a crazy house... but I want my kids to read about all of their funny stories when they are older...

The other night, we were at my parents house for dinner. Addie had on a nice outfit, so I had her take her shirt off so she wouldn't mess it up...
Nana~ "Oh Addie, I see your boobies... Wait, truth be told, she actually said tittys. I should try to sugar coat it, but I guess I shouldn't. I about had a fit b/c Chris was at the table and the last word I want him saying in school is tittys. I gave my mom a death look, and then said, "Mom, don't say that!"

Chris~ Yeah Nona, they aren't called that.
Mommy~ Oh really, Chris, What are they called?
Chris~ They're called nibbles. They are just nibbles. Dean Alex told me that! Ha!

And then today, I went to the gym in the morning. I forgot to pack my bra, but didn't realize it until after I showered. I didn't want to put my sweaty sportsbra back on, so I just decided to free-boob it until we got home since I had on a loose shirt. No big deal... except when I was carrying Addie out of the gym. She had grasped my shirt, and saw down it... and then proceeded to yell in the crowded reception area of the gym, "Oh no, Mom! You have no bras on, You have no bras on!" Nice.

I promise you, we're not all potty talk around our household... Addie has started copying what Chris and I always say to each other... "I love you bigger than the galaxy," and it's just as sweet as ever. And Mr. Topher cracks me up... At the end of our prayers, we always say... God Bless, Mommy, Daddy, Chris, Addie... and we name a couple 100 other people, and then say "and all the people we love and care about." Addie has learned that part... but Chris was teaching it to her... and he thought that all this time we've been saying, "and all the people in caramel." Ha!