Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clear Eyes, Full Hears, Can't Lose

Oh... how I love me some Friday Night Lights. There has not been an episode yet that I haven't bawled my eyes out while watching it! Luckily for Mike and Judy, it comes on early only on Direct TV... and since they have Direct TV, they get to have the kids and I over to watch it every week. We enjoyed lunch at Nana's and watched the season premiere today- and it left me counting down for next week:)

Before kids, I was never a big T.V. watcher. But now, I love my shows! DVR is the best invention in the world and there's nothing I like better than when the kids are down at night and I can sit back and watch my shows in peace! What shows do you guys watch~ What am I missing out on? Here are my faves...

Beverly Hills 90210~ It's great... and Brendan has gotten hooked on it with me. If he says he doesn't like it, he's totally lying. He truly loves it!

Chopped~ It's like Survivor on the Food Network and I love it!

Toddlers and Tiaras~ I would never, ever put Addie in a pagent, but this is still my guilty pleasure!

Friday Night Lights~ The best show ever. Period.

CougarTown~ I have to admit I love Courtney Cox's new show. It's corny, fast moving, stupid at times, but I love it. And I have to say that the blonde friend that is a little white trashy reminds me of myself at times.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight~ I still watch~ although it's gotten a little boring lately.

Grey's Anatomy~ Such a good show. I cry at almost every episode and I sometimes feel like I care way too much about this show.

American Idol and The Bachelor~ Can't wait until the next season:)

These are my main shows... but you can also catch me watching Kendra, Girls Next Door, Keeping up with the Kardashians, that new Lamos show, and True Life. So sue me~ I like trash t.v. Throw in a little HGTV~ Househunters and Designed to Sell and I'm a happy woman.

O.K., O.K... it sounds like I watch t.v. way too much... But my hubby is away a lot and I have to unwind and fall asleep somehow:)