Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow!  How did an entire month go by without me blogging?  We've been extremely busy this month- just with day in and day out life!  Daddy had almost two months off of work because things were slow, but this past month he has been slammed and traveling a ton... which mean Mommy is beat once the kids are asleep and the bed calls Mommy's name too instead of blogging! 

Three days a week, we still make the trek down to Claude Moore for Snow Swimming... and Addie started private swim lessons.  She'll turn five three days before swim team starts so she will be able to swim this year- I'm sure she'll be the youngest on the team, but this girl want sto be a "Red Rocket like Molly" soooo bad!  She's well on her way!  Addie was also invited to join the by invitation only "Little Gems" program at Apex.  She'll start this summer- It's kind of like a developmental team- or a money maker for the our gymnastics school- Ha... the jury is still out.  Regardless, she loves it and we are so proud of her! 

We had a rough month.   Knock on wood, our kids are pretty healthy.  Besides allergies with Chris- we usually make it through the year with one or two doctor's visits- if that... But just as soon as I said, "Chris and Add never get sick," we were hit... This month on top of everything, Addie had a night where she started crying so hard and after a night at urgent care, we found out she had a double ear infection.  Two days later, Chris had a horrible cough and after a million doctor's visits we have determined that we think he has asthma... But after playing with different meds, I think we're on the right track because he seems to be doing great now... And he thinks he's hot stuff using a Neti pot.  Ha!

 Chris had a swim meet this month and he did awesome- This boy works so hard- He can now easily swim a mile during practice!  He also had tryouts for baseball- and after an awesome showing where he hit 3 of the 5 pitches to the back wall and stunned everyone with his age- he was picked in the draft to play up!  He'll be playing actual kid pitch ball and is bypassing pitching machine... Now, if we can just get the boy to catch the ball- Ha!  This year, it looks like we'll be cheering for the River Bandits!:)