Sunday, January 29, 2012


People probably think I'm on Facebook 24/7... which I kind of am. What can I say- I check it in the morning, and when I have to sit for an hour at gymnastics, swimming 3- now 4 times a week, during preschool drop-off, pick-up, and just randomly throughout the day. Sometimes I check it when I feel like I need some adult conversation, I'll check it on my phone- Ya know- when I'm playing "salon" and having my hair styled by Addie for the 20th time in one day, yes, I probably check facebook!:) And sometimes I just post a status so I can remember the sweet... or not so sweet "out of the mouth of my babes" stories. So, my point is... I'm much better at "statusing" some of my favorite Chris and Addie stories than blogging... so here are a few...

Eggs with Sazon Goya, gym time, the park, and then spending the afternoon at my mama's with the fam for E.E.'s birthday dinner = perfect day.:)

Yep- we ventured to Lovettsville for slurpees and a new park... :)

My high is when we're going over highs and lows at dinner and my kids can't think of a low for the day.:) Yesterday was a good day, hoping today is the same. On that note, I'm off to look up "slushy magic." "Mom, it's not in a store, it's only on-line!" I have to say it looks pretty cool- Hope it's better than the Bendaroos I got suckered into.:)

Actually Chris had no low- and Addie said something that made absolutely no sense at all and we all just went with it to make her be quiet (She babbles waaaayyyyy too much on these things) so I'm counting that as no low.:) Chris's high was getting to play tag at recess with his "cousin" Caroline- awwww.:)

Addie's teacher conference... Not nervous at all to go... unlike when I go to Chris's... #thedifferencebetweenaboyandgi​rl :)

Talk about being proud.:)