Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad Blogger

Oh, we've missed out on so many things once again!!! Swim meets (where Chris is rocking it out even swimming up with 7-8 year olds), birthday parties, playdates, setting up chairs at the pool parking lot and letting the kids run wild, a weekend full of Park Hopping- complete with a trip to our new favorite park in Berryville, gymnastics, and the list goes on...

Here are a few of my facebook statuses with things about the kids- I don't want to miss moments like these.:)T

The kids and I went to visit Pappy and I noticed the workers looking at Addie... I looked down and she was completely barefoot eating ice cream in the formal dining room... "Addie honey- where are your shoes?" "Mommy, I took them of at the front door!" Ha!

Addie and I have become regular visitors at the nursing home- All the residents love Addie- especially Miss Icey and Mr. Louie.:) She's only set the alarm off once.:)

Chris got new shoes yesterday. We just came to the gym after church and I forgot to bring my sneakers. I'm wearing his. Seven years old in a men's size 7. Wow.

Addie- "Mommy, I can't believe D.J. is five... My boyfriend is really five years old!" Ha!... Yesterday, Addie had an accident and wet the bed...- Ugh! Addie- "But Mommy, Nona says accidents happen." Chris, "Yeah Addie, but Daddy says accidents can be prevented!" LOL!

Nothing will ever compare to when my dad accidentally gave the kids a margarita from an unlabeled pitcher in Todd's fridge... But today came close. Papa was watching Mage and Jack and was on top of things brushing their teeth... And then Judy Booty walked in and rained on his parade... He brushed them with sunscreen!!! Ha!

Preschool show and tell really cramps my style when it has to begin with the letter of the week. We're supposed to be at school in five minutes and we just settled on a net. #alwaysatthelastminute