Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday Night Date

With Daddy on a trip, the kids and I decided that it would be fun to go to Barnes and Noble to spend gift cards from Aunt Denise and Uncle Bruce... Ummmm.... best gift ever! The kids and I spent well over an hour looking at everything in the huge bookstore. They had everything- games, books, reading areas- and we looked, and looked, and looked. The kids were able to get their favorites and LOVED picking out their own gifts! Thanks Uncle Bruce and Aunt Denise!

Addie was easy to convince- She got the classic The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstien and an Amelida Bedilia book with Mommy's coersion.:) She also got to pick some things on her own- including a Team Umi Zoomi painting book, a find and see book (She loves these!), and a Ty stuffed monkey that she has now added to the collection of things she sleeps with at night- it's getting a little ridiculous!

Chris was a little harder to direct- I wanted A Light in the Attic or Where the Sidewalk Ends... but I think he made the best choice by picking out the newest Kids Bop c.d.... We got one for Christmas and the kids LOVE these- and I do to. Kids remake the current hits so both Mommy and the kids can enjoy the same music. He also picked out some a "Bad Kitty" book, a book about the titantic and the Pokeman pocket dictionary!