Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes...

Facebook Updates:... Yes, I might annoy many with my overload of status updates, but at least I remember things like this:

Chris attempted to trash talk at lunch, "Hey Wesley- Boo P-A-C-K-E-R!". Wesley: "S. Chris how many times do I have to tell you- there's an S at the end!" Lol!

Loves how Addie always is a little off... "Mama look!!! It's snowflaking!!!".

Kill me now- at the mall play area... Reminiscing how my dad said he'd watch Chris here one day while my mom and I shopped... When we came to check on them Chris was missing and my dad had no clue... We found him shopping the girls accessories by himself at Claire's... He was two. Not funny at all then... But at least we can laugh now.....  Note:  Two minutes after this post, the mall security man kicked Chris off the play area because he is too big.  He was crushed and his feelings were really hurt.  So sad.:(

Addie spent the night with my mom and dad and my mom was telling me about her stay... "I went to the bathroom and then a little later I was flossing Addie's teeth and she said, "Nona, did you wash your hands after you pooped!?!" Ha! Luckily her answer was yes... Chris then said, "I'll tell ya what my answer would've been... Sometimes." Lol!

Just had a doctor's appt. and was asked, "Are you planning on having any more children?" I said, "I want one more, but I want to lose some weight before we try again." Addie then chimed in, "Yeah, my mommy wants to wear a bikini at the beach this year!" Ha! Soooo embarassing... but also made me realize she picks up on way more than I thought. No more weighing every morning in front of her, saying the word "fat", or evening talking about the subject of weight. The biggest gift I could ever give her is confidence. I never, ever want her to think she shouldn't wear a bikini no matter how she looks!

Chris just looked at me and said. "You're not really going out with me to the bus are you? That would embarrass me!". I thought he might not have realized that I never walk to the bus stop (we're the house next to it) but then when I stepped on the porch he even banned me from stepping outside! Guess he wasn't digging my zebra pajama bottoms.:)

Addie just covered- and I mean covered herself in lotion. How can I be mad when she thinks she looks so beautiful and says, "how do I look Mama? Soggy?" Ha! Yeah, soggy would be a word for the creamy mess!

Big Night Out... Sycolin Creek Talent Show.:)

Awwww.... Chris's bookmark he made in school today:) Proud Mommy moment... Don't worry- the other side says I love Xbox.:)Addie heard its going to be warm today... We got to school and she claimed she didn't have a coat... But she had hidden it in her bookbag. I wonder if my kids will ever realize I worked in group homes and I can spot a sneak a mile away!:) They've got nothing on me... At age four.:)

"Why did you take your jammies off Addie? You were naked!" "Mommy, I just wanted to sleep like Daddy does in his undies!" Lol!

Took the kids to see Pappy this weekend and to have ice cream sundaes... What a scene!:) Was looking at the picture on my phone... Look how Nanny happened to be I the photo... - Addie, Chris, Jack, and Mage all had ice cream sundaes with Pappy.:_)

I think my Dad has had enough of my and Todd's kids... He just said, "Why don't you guys go outside... Go outside and see how far y'all can walk!" LOL!