Thursday, March 1, 2012


 The thing that means the absolute most to me is family.... It is everything.  It's been a tough couple of months without my Nanny.  I'll randomly cry, and the strangest things make me think of her.  I just can't tell you how much she meant to me.  Addie and I have spent a lot of time visiting Pappy... and with his Alzheimer's he has always called me Judy.  My heart completely melted the other day when he called Addie "Shelley."  It made me realize that I do exist.  Although it's been hard having Pappy in a home, I really think he is settled, likes it, and is doing well... and I think it's been so good for my kids.  They have made friends with some of the residents and "get" what it means to "do unto others."  Our family even met one night at the home for a family jam night- My Great Uncle played keyboards, my cousin sang, and there were tons of us there- It may sound silly, but we ALL had such a great time.

I think the biggest lesson I've learned through all of this is to never take anything for granted.  My entire life, Nanny and Pappy made sure our family went to the beach for a week.  It's always been my favorite week of the year and I can't imagine not going- or my kids not growing up with the love I was surrounded with.  Chuck and Jackie are helping a ton by making it possible... and Jackie held a "Beach or Bust" party.  It was completely beach themed, had a mission statement, and everything...  We all agreed that Nanny and Pappy would want us to continue to go, LONG LIVE!  We have booked a house and the Solomons will be joining us!!!  We have to walk a block... but that doesn't even matter! 

I can't wait for July... to enjoy everything that the Beach brings... Gotta love the picture below- we had to write what the beach means to us... Umm, who wrote Boobs?!?