Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunch With Brother

Chris invitged us to have lunch with him today, so how could Addie and I resist?  Chris gets to buy lunch one day a week- and Mommy LOVES a school lunch!  I'm so lucky that my kids love each other soooo much!  Even though they have recently started having little tiffs, they just adore each other and literally light up when they see each other.  It's amazing how Chris looks out for his sister.
 Addie LOVED being a "big girl."  She was a little flirt and thought it was hilarious how the kids were making bunny ears behind each other's heads.  Yep, that's still around.

 Oh, where has my little boy gone?  Chris is growing up soooo fast.  And yes, the poses have started... but her refers to them as "D.J." poses... I have group homes on my mind and automatically think they are gang affiliated- so I try not to freak out!:)