Saturday, June 4, 2011

Addie's 4!!!

Excuse the bed head... Then entire family woke up to give Addie her new present- a new big girl bike- she had outgrown her other one! She loved it... and Chris was so cute talking in a sweet voice showing her everything about it. The two of them just are so in love with each other- Notice Addie had to wear his Jedi jammie bottoms.:)

Addie also wanted the American Girl doll bitty twins. My mom and I had planned on taking her to Tyson's to the new AG store and letting her pick them out- but I had gotten things wrong and it doesn't open until June 19th. Addie is so easygoing- She went for a trip to the mall for crocs and pool toys instead... and I'm thinking the twins will be a great present from Santa- since she doesn't want for anything and didn't even get upset about not getting them.:)