Friday, June 17, 2011

Allergies Much?

Before I lose out on mother of the year yet again, let me preface this post by saying that luckily (and Praise God) we have super healthy children... and please Knock on wood right now... They might go to the doctor once or twice a year besides their physical and that is even rare. Chris has always had issues with animals- he'll break out in hives... and I've known that he can be stuffy and have an occaisional cough at night- but it's not a "sick cough." Or so I thought.

I decided that I might as well take him in for allergy testing so that when I fill out school forms and write that he's allergic to cats, dogs, and horses, that it's true and I wasn't just making it up. Well, come to find out, the doctor told me that our poor little Chris suffers from severe allergies. On the day that I took him for the visit- he was not stuffy, coughing, or anything at all... and the doctor let me know that really- he was completely congested. She then told me that since it's been six years, living that way is just Chris's normal and he's never known anything else- He's just learned to live with it. They applied solution to his back and said, "We'll come back in 15-20 minutes to read the skin test." Well, needless to say after about six minutes, he was crying his eyes out and I had to track down the nurse. She came in and read the test right away and said there was no reason to make him wait the entire length of time.... At least now we know, and now we can treat his allergies... He's basically allergic to every tree, grasses, dust mites, cats, horses, and dogs- with dogs being really bad... So don't be offended if we visit you and you have dogs when you see us popping our child a benadryll just in case.:) I assure you we're not trying to drug our child into acting good at your house- He needs it.:)

The row on the far right are "molds" and should be how the other dots look- He wasn't allergic to mold... but as you can see, the others weren't so good! My poor baby!