Saturday, June 4, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Chris is growing up way too fast!!! He lost one front tooth last week and the Tooth Fairy paid him in change (it might just have been change from Jackie's Easter Egg hunt- but shhhhhh- we won't tell)... and Chris was so excited to take it to the coin machine and go shopping with the money he had saved! He had saved over $15 in change, and when we went to Target, I realized he's older- He picked out a real movie- Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We also borrowed a friend's movie- Just Bieber Never Say Never and both I and the kids loved it. Chris was so excited when it showed Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) from the new Karate Kid. Now that he can read, he saw that his last name is Smith and was so happy- He said, "Mommy- we're Smith's too- We're related to the Karate kid!" Ha!

He is excited we are registering him for football this fall and summer swim team is in full swing. Chris is just weeks away from being able to say he's a first-grader and it's starting to show. He learns way too much on the afternoon bus ride- so I can only imagine what next year will bring- He came home and started telling Brendan and I a joke, "There was a Russian, a Mexican, and an American flying in a plane over the Atlantic Ocean...." I'll stop before it gets worse- but I couldn't believe my little boy was telling that kind of joke! Last week he got to practice being in first grade and loved eating lunch at school. I never thought I'd say it- but I'm looking forward to school being out so I can hang with my son all day long before he gets any more grown up.:)

Chris also lost his other front tooth while we were at the lake- when he was in the lake!!! He wanted this picture taken and he said to trick you guys that he got bitten by a shark... Ohhhh... scarey.:) How cute is he without his front teeth? I love it!!!