Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Judy Booty

If you are my "facebook friend"... you know that I often have diarrhea of the mouth and post anything and everything... often times out of boredom- Ha! You would also know that over the past year, my family became huge Nationals fans - And my mom, Judy, is obsessed with Michael Morse... As in she has a huge crush on him... to the point where it's pretty comical... My dad's name is "Mike" and he has even okay'd her to call him Michael in bed- Ha!

After the season ended, I contacted the "Beast" himself asking for an autograph for my Mama... with the hopes that I would for once beat my brother with a better Christmas present...:) He was so nice and said to contact in a month or so once he had gotten settled and after his wedding. After a few more e-mails, one morning we received a package at our door... with an autographed major league baseball to Judy Booty and a pair of #38 wristbands...

Morse went on to say he "wish he had more to give" and that the fans have always been there for him... and that he was happy he could be a part of our holiday. What an awesome dude! Just when you think professional athletes, actors, etc. are all into themselves and Crazy with a capital "c", you realize that there are good people in this world!

My mom was in heavan... and she really even said, "Do you think he knows what I look like?" Ha! She had a permanent smile on her face and was completely giddy- crying tears of joy after a hard year... It was great and I was the favorite for at least a week... until things turned akward and my Dad mentioned wearing the wristbands to bed as he copied Morse's famous warm-up swing... and I was scarred for life. Here's hoping the Nats have some sense and that the Beast is still playing for the Nats... We have plans of holding down left field!