Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After School Fun!

I have really good intentions of making it to the gym every day afterschool... but nearly every day, the kids want to play with their friends... and when a little boy runs down to get Chris and they run off to play and Addie has a little girlfriend over, I have a hard time saying no... because my dream of living in a place where my kids just play, play, play and they knock on neighbors doors, and things just feel like home is no longer a dream- it's our life.:) Now, hopefully, one day my dream of working out and becoming skinny again will also come true- Ha! But for now, seeing Chris run from house to house, from ours to his friends, and having a great time, and Addie doing the same is just great!:)

Today, Addie and her friend were painting... and I was in a really good mood because I actually let them get out the "indoor" sandbox that only a grandmother would give at Christmas... During their painting- I looked over and caught them feeding each other their snack of grapes- It was sooo sweet!:)