Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Central

The past two weekends, we've spent celebrating birthdays of those that we love... and man, does it make life easy for Brendan and I! The kids love going to the parties (and so do we) and it makes these cold, winter days go by easier!

We had so much fun at D.J. and Mya's Skylander party- where their mommy, Rosie, was such an overacheiver--- Ya know, one of those moms that makes the cake, plans eight different game stations where you complete a "passport"- complete with tattoos and professional face painting... The kids LOVED it

Then, this weekend, we went to the Solomon's to celebrate Maddie Grace's first birthday- I can't believe she is already one- it seems like just yesterday I was throwing Ashley's baby shower! She is soooo precious- and of course with our huge family combined with all of their friends and family there were over 80 people in attendance! Everything was gorgeous and it looked like a party that should have been pinned all over pinterest... Addie made a friend and played the entire time and Chris went in between playing with his cousins and talking with the adults because he's entering the stage where he wants to be "older"... but is still a kid at heart.Bless him.:) The only scarey thing was Brendan and I kept looking at each other and thinking this time next year we'll be starting to think about throwing our little girl's first birthday- Times are about to change!