Sunday, April 4, 2010

Benadryll to the rescue!

O.k... so we're definitely going to have to get Chris tested for allergies. We know that he has reactions to cats and dogs... and we're going to add horses into the mix. We took the kids to see the the horses in my parent's field... and on the walk home, we noticed Chris was acting funny... and started getting hives! Luckily Brendan ran to the store and got Benadryll and all was well!

I guess Mommy better get better at taking care of the fish because that might be all we ever have as a pet. Mommy forgot to feed the fish this week, and if we're not able to nurse it back to health, we might be buying a new one before the kid's notice.:( Mommy has had a bad week with animals. Chris let Daddy know that, "Mommy hit a bird with the car. The feathers went flying everywhere. But she just shocked it." At least that's what I hope and told the kids.:(