Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trip down South...

Last weekend, Brendan and I decided to take a spurt of the moment trip to Smith Mountain Lake... We showed up unexpectedly at Gram and Pop Pop's door and surprised them and we had a great weekend... Mommy and Daddy even got date night out for Mexican and we traveled to Blacksburg to see the Hokies beat #9 Miami! It was great to be back in Blacksburg... Chris got to meet some players and even Bill Roth who was Daddy's bud. The kids made it through all nine innings and mommy got to enjoy a Cowpoke at Macado's! It couldn't have been a better weekend!

Chris with the Tech baseball players

Ashburn's Finest- Ed Wang in the house...

Player autograph session

Out for a walk

Where it all began- the duck pond- our engagement spot

Having fun reading books

Fishing on the dock with Pop Pop... but no luck

Of course we visited one of our all time favorite parks...

Ice cream on the deck