Thursday, May 6, 2010

Addie Tay

Our Sweet Addie Tay is growing up way too fast. We took her to get a haircut, and for the first time, her hair really thickened up- No more baby fine hair.:( I couldn't wait until it got thicker, but it made me realize she's not my little baby anymore.:( She has been cracking us up as usual and continues to talk like she's 16- clear as day. We were waiting at a stoplight this week and we had our windows down. We were by a convertible and she yelled out to the man, "Hey- You have no roof." Ha! We all got a good laugh. Any time she sees a paw print from the local high school on a car- one of those magnets- She thinks she has found a clue- and shouts out "Blue's Clues." And I think she's tired of her mama househunting. Before I even say anything, if we pull up to a house, she'll say, "Hey Mommy, It has a lockbox." She has a pair of flip flops that she picked out herself with a fabulous faux diamond and loves to wear them.:) And her new favorite word is "actually"- Can you tell she is our priss pot?

Addie is just as sweet as can be- but she is more and more like her brother. When Chris was growing up, he went through a phase where he had to win at everything. He had to be the first to sit down, stand up, upstairs, etc. Now, Addison is doing the same thing. Chris is such a good sport and let's Addie "win" at everything- but he and I have our inside joke. I'll yell out, "Addie won," and Chris and I wink at each other. As you can tell, he still is the big brother and terrorizes her.:)