Thursday, May 20, 2010


Let me preface this blog by saying that my son Chris has no attention span whatsoever. He is a boy that likes to move and be on the go. Recently he's gotten a few cards and get well wishes that have included some Benjamins... (Thank you Aunt Paula, Aunt Anne, and Mrs. C). Well, Daddy put the money in savings, and then Mommy was a sucker and let him pick out a toy using her fun money! He has been obsessed with Legos lately, but someone has had to "do" them with him. Today, I challenged him to put together his new Star Wars set by himself. Guess what? He did it!!! Completely by himself- broken hand and all!!! He sat like a ten year old, followed the guide and did it! I couldn't be more proud, amazed, or more in shock!!!