Thursday, May 6, 2010


Chris is settling into our new house great- He's made some great friends and loves playing in the back alley.:) He's little Mister Social and has never met a stranger. He's turned into a little boy and amazes me with everything he knows... We're not a family that spends a lot of time inside, and he's managed to learn to count by 2's, 10's spell- he's even got McCullers down, and he's an expert colorer... eventhough he ratted on himself and said he "copied off of Daniel." Ha! He's started drawing real pictures- and since we're in the rental, I let Brendan hang them in our bedroom- Chris got a kick out of it. Yes, I'm allowing a picture of Star Wars and the Death Star to be hung in my room. I'm learning to give a little.:) This weekend, Chris had a bat-a-thon for t-ball- Thanks so much to all of you who donated- If we didn't ask you, it's because we raised over $100 by just three stops- Deanie- you didn't have to break out your checkbook.:) Thanks so much- It's so nice being around all of our family.:)

Chris has made some great friends... and has enjoyed playdates at the park- It's so sweet to see him with "real" friends!