Monday, May 31, 2010

Come On Vamenos!

We had a great birthday party for Addison- complete with seventeen of her closest friends and besties. I actually gave in and let her have a character themed Dora party- complete with Dora backpacks and an adventure... I'd love to share pictures with you, but we have none!!! It makes me soooo sad- but we do have it all on video tape so that Addie can watch it when she's older.

I might have had pictures, but it was like 100 degrees and Addie has an older brother that can't seem to take it when the attention is all on her. These are pictures of Chris at Addie's birthday party last year... Imagine this times ten. I'm not kidding. He had a temper tantrum the entire time and was off his rocker. If I was a spanker, the child would have been beat! He was so bad that Brendan and I didn't even know how to deal with him because we didn't want to miss out on Addie's special day- so we were the worst parents ever and just let our kid act out. Let's just say he went to bed early with the silent treatment because I didn't want to say things I'd regret!!!

Next year, I will make sure to capture pictures! Oh, and one thing I learned is that I SUCK at giving birthday presents. For some reason I thought that all the other mom's are like me and out buying stuff at the last minute. Nope- everyone came with the sweetest presents perfect for Addie and they were all in bags with Dora cards and wrapping paper. I usually never even get a card. I definitely need to step up my game and not be the slacker mom.

For those of you that were able to make it, thanks for making Addie's day... and thanks for putting up with our crazy family and for being around so that Chris is still alive! Love you!