Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Missy...

Sweet Addison is almost three and I still can't believe it. She has grown up soooo fast. Today she had a special park date with her cousin Jack. She's also been getting lots of playdates with D.J. and other friends while brother is in preschool. It's nice because I actually get some time with just her- I had so much of it with Chris and it feels like Addie gets carted around so much. She continues to come up with silly words- Her faves are Bunga Bunga, Hey Mudball, and now Gum-Gum. She LOVES singing and things she's wonderful! HA!

This is a picture of her before the storm. Mommy and Daddy went to a country concert at Belmont Country Club this weekend with the Pearson side of the family. We kept getting free drinks and one thing led to another... and let's just say Brendan and I relived our college days with Yo, Roberta, Mike, and Al. We had SOOOOO much fun- except when we woke up at Roberta's house and Brendan had to run to the end of the street to look at the street sign to give Todd the address of where to come get us. Yes, we totally had the walk of shame. Luckily Todd and Ra-Ra stepped in to take care of this precious little girl, and my parents took Chris home. Thanks you all.... And thanks to the Pearsons for showing us such a good time. It's nice to know every once in a while that we can still hang with the best of them.:) LOVE YOU!