Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's that time of year!

Okay, I could only threaten the kids for so long that they weren't getting anything for Christmas and our beloved Elf, Nicky Toothy, wasn't coming this year... The kids were extremely fussy over Thanksgiving break- but we're back in school and yesterday they were angels.  They had friends over after school and we had homemade brownie sundaes... I hope the other parents aren't made if I spoiled dinner... oops!   Then at 7 at night, I HAD to get out of the house, so we invited Nona over for a walk... and armed with flashlights, we walked around the neighborhood and judged Christmas lights.... Chris likes anything with color, I prefer the classic look, Nona only likes lights that are perfect, and Addie likes everything I like... so I need to watch what I say- On more than one occasion, she looked at a house and said, "Mommy, that's tacky!" 
This morning, when Nicky Toothy was out, the kids were soooo excited and I realized I have another year where they truly believe.  Chris was so nervous Addie was going to touch the elf and it would lose it's magic, and Addie was so cute saying, "Nicky Toothy- Mama tells me McKenna is sold out- Can you please, please, please have the elves make me one."  It was precious... and I realized that maybe I'll get excited about this holiday season yet- seeing it through the kid's eyes. :)