Monday, November 26, 2012

My Handsome Prince

One morning, Chris asked if he could dress "like a gentleman" for school- He wanted to be like David Wilson from the Hokies and wear a shirt and tie.  I'll have to admit- I was a little nervous sending him to school like this... But he came home soooo happy and even said some people said he was "handsome."... And I think those people were some of his crushes...:) 
Although, he must have been a little nervous because at his school conference his teacher mentioned how he looked so nice and was dressed up one day- and said Chris made sure to tell her that his mommy made him do it.... What!?!
Speaking of his conference- Chris's teacher just raved about him... sooooo much.  He's smart, polite, so very kind... and role model...  I'm always so proud of him, but let the teacher not that he's a handful at home.  This time, his teacher told me that teachers often say that the true test to how a child is being raised is how they act when their parents aren't around - and that Chris is an angel.  I then teared up right in front of her.  Talk about pride... even if he does make me go batty at home.:)