Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yay!  Daddy was home for Halloween for the first time in years... Yep, he had to use vacation time to make sure, but he never complained... and even used a vacation day for the next day so he could take the kids to Donuts with Dad the next morning... LOVE.:)
We spent Halloween night in our Hood and loved it... The kids ran with their friends, we walked with ours, and Brendan even carried adult beverages. Such a fun night! 
And yes... Chris was sooo excited- We finally gave in and let him be Scream for Halloween... with a weapon.  We had denied this for two years... but don't let him know- We mainly gave in because he really wanted to wear a black morphsuit and he'd only fit into an adult size which ran 60 bucks... Scream was the smarter choice... at least for our wallets... Needless to say- he surprised us... and didn't even get in trouble with his machete once!  Hallelujah!!!