Saturday, October 8, 2011

Averey Lee...

We woke early on Saturday for an early morning football game, and then sped up to Pennsylvania to see Averey play soccer on Senior Day. The weather was great, and it was so cute to see my little cousin all grown up. *Tear.* He makes me so proud- He is so handsome, and is absolutely the sweetest, kindest, smartest kid around. Love that boy. Butch and Linda then treated us all to lunch in Gettysburg... We might make a habit out of going to his games. HeHeHe.... Here's a not so quick recap of the fun day.:)

Addie being a sweet angel.

And Chris being... well, Chris.:) But I wouldn't have him any other way.:)

Smith... Will be studying Pre-Med.:)

Action shots- Averey played in the goal and on the field.:)

Brian and Tracey getting to escort Avers on the field for Senior Day.

Averey gets the girls. I saw him hugging this Maggie chick that I see writing on his wall on Facebook all the time... and stepped in for a picture...:)

How handsome is he!?!

The gang... and this is only a few of us!

Averey and the kids.:)

J.D. making the kids run the football field after the game.:)