Monday, October 17, 2011

Littlestown Love

Awww... Averey and Tracey sent the kids care packages thanking them for making the ride up for Ave's game... Luckily, they sent two seperate packages- one for Chris and one for Addie because Addie got the mail and couldn't contain herself when she saw her package. She opened it right away... but not to worry- We saved Chris's for later when he got off the bus. The kids got two Littlestown High beach towels and LOVE them... Addie asked if it was Averey's towel... and I could tell, she thought it was his actual towel he gave her- so I just went along with it... Can ya tell she's just a little in love?:)

I'm sure the towels will get a lot of use since we live in the water and they made the kids' day... And I'm glad it was a Littlestown towel. Averey says Pitt is his first choice. I don't want any of that stuff... We were holding out that he would go to Virginia Tech. Oh well, at least we'll have a place to stay when we play... I mean beat them.:)
*Oh... and more pictures to come of Topher... but I'm getting better- I downloaded all of these pictures so I could take the camera to the park today. :)