Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Precious Topher:)

How sweet is this? I found Chris working on his own "play book." He has fallen in love with football- loves playing it outside, inside, on the video game... anywhere. He actually understands all the rules and follows the game- It's so sweet.

He is really growing up so fast- I'm shocked at how much he's learning at school- and when he gets home he usually has 30-45 minutes of homework- and he's always a trooper. We're looking forward to an eventful week celebrating his birthday- I can't believe my baby is going to be 7!
Every day I can't wait to go through his bookbag to see what's waiting for me... This week he brought home an "apple" picture... I could tell he worked so hard on it...
As usual, he had a Chris remark when I told him it was so good- "Yep, I did weally good on it, but I got carried away- Look how fat I made the trunk!" LOL... I wouldn't have noticed, but he's right... Love that boy.:)