Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gram to the rescue...

We are so lucky... What other Gram would drive four hours so we don't have to get a babysitter while we go to a wedding? She baked, played with the kids, and spoiled us... Can't thank her enough. We've decided that our next month's project is to turn the upstairs toy room into an actual guest room.:)

Oh- and do you notice Christopher's hair??? Daddy took him and Mommy had a moment of weakness over the phone and said, "Let Chris get whatever haircut he wants." Daddy did veto the mohawk... but he came home with a flattop.:) I love longer hair on little boys- but with his teeth coming in and short hair, you can't help but want to squeeze this little boy.:) Oh- and Chris continues to do great in school... but I think he has a crush on the school nurse. He's already been to the clinic three times... this last time, he came home with a note from the nurse that said "Complained of sore throat. Throat looked fine and had no problem eating tacos and ice cream at lunch." HA!!!