Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm such a sucker for football shows... Let me just say if they decide to cancel Friday Night Lights, I might seriously go into a deep depression- It really is the best show I've EVER seen. Did any of you watch the show two-a-days on MTV about the high school football team? I LOVED it, and it was actually about the Hoover Bucs- where Ashley's sister Amy went to High School... I couldn't visit Birmingham without visiting Hoover High, so Ash took me to see the "campus." It was seriously like a college campus- It was huge! I did feel kind of crazy being a 31 year old woman posing for pictures during school hours:) Oh- and a little interesting fact- the coach- Coach Probst that was on the show... he's not the coach anymore. He was FIRED! Yep, fired- it turns out that he had a whole other "family" that he was hiding in a podunk town!!! Now, why oh why, would you go on national television if you were hiding a second family?!?