Thursday, April 9, 2009

A day of reunions

Wednesday proved to be quite an eventful day... We started our day off with what... a playdate! Woo Hoo!!! I actually have gotten back in touch with my college roommate, Katie, and we got together with our kids for a playdate. She has a little boy name Lleyton- whom Chris calls Lightning from Cars... he's still asking if Lightning can come play, and an adorable little girl named Lucy. It was a funny feeling... almost as if we've come full circle- We had some great times in college together and now we are getting together with our kiddos! Chris did manage to completely embarass me though... I was quite the lush in college... and Katie had to put up with my wild ways... and Wednesday of all days, Chris decided to come down the stairs saying he wanted "beer." I could have died. So here's my disclaimer to Katie- Katie, I really don't still drink, nor do I feed my son beer. Well, I may drink about two-three times a year- and I still to this day don't know my limit, hence why I only drink a couple times a year:) I can't believe I didn't break out my camera for the event... but I'm sure we'll be meeting up for more playdates... at least I hope Chris didn't scare them away:)

After the playdate, we went over to Nanny and Pappy's house for a special presentation. Retired Senator Charles Waddell came by to present Nanny and Pappy with a service award. Pappy was Sen. Waddell's treasurer for over 25 years... and those of you that don't know- Nan and Pap used to be quite the Loudoun Citizens. Pappy was the founder of the Sterling Ruritan Club, started the Lower Loudoun Little League (I hadn't heard that one before, but Sen. Waddell filled me in on that), was a deputy sherrif, was once the Loudoun Man of the Year... the list goes on and on. Nanny also has quite the credentials... ummmm can we say Sterling's P.T.A. prez in the 60's- oh yeah:) Wow... did I just bring some prestige to my high class white trash family, or what? J/K:)