Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beach preview...

Now, it's back to reality... we're back from our beach getaway and getting back in the groove. We had a fabulous time visiting Ashley and the girls- I want to post all of my pictures... but I had over 400, so I think I'll spare you guys. I'll finish posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow- I'm soooo tired, but here a few to get started... The beach condo was absoultely stunning- I wish I had taken pictures of the views... Ash has the penthouse condo and it's amazing. If any of you know Ashley, you know how crazy she is... check out the dresser in the "girl's room:"

Here's a picture of the beach- Brendan didn't believe me when I came home last time and told him there were oil rigs right off the beach... here's my proof:)

More zebra print- just in a more grown-up way... and even more Ashleyish are the orange leather chairs that are in her dining area:)

I thought this was a cool picture- The owner of this boat was out at sea and the waters got really rough, so he came to shore. Unfortunatly, the anchor didn't work right, and his boat was beached... some people said it will take about $60,000 to get it out and fix the propeller... Can you imagine making a $60,000 mistake!

And here's some preciousness... I'll post lots more tomorrow:) I see "Besties" in the making!