Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the meantime...

We've been sooo busy lately- we've had three dinner parties in the past four days~ all with GREAT company and I promise to update with pictures soon:) But for now, the kids crack me up!!!

Today, Chris was playing with a little girl at the gym- and when we left, she ran over and said "bye" to Chris and he turned red. I have been teasing him all day about Kate. It dawned on me that Kate is Justin's little sister. Justin is the boy that comes to the gym that Chris looks up to... and he's one of the "DS boys." Ya see, there is a click of little kids that have Nintendo DS's. So, I told Chris I was going to tell Justin that I know someone who likes his little sister, Kate. Then Chris said, "That's o.k., I'm going to tell him, that it's Johnny, the other DS boy that likes her." Ha!

Also Addie is turning into quite the storyteller. Let me just say that on the way home from Alabama on the Atlanta to Virginia leg of the flight she was a holy terror. I mean awful. Yes, my sweet princess was the worst kid I have ever seen on a plane and I was sooo mortified! But she's one up on me. When my mom asked her how she was on the airplane, she looked at my mom and said, "Her (as she's pointing to me) hit me." While she says this she demonstrates someone smacking her. I might have thought about hurting her, but I so did not do that! She's one smart cookie though- she somehow managed to draw sympathy for being awful!