Monday, March 30, 2009

Tired mama...

It's been a busy couple of days- and we sure haven't been short on activities... We had two birthday parties this weekend~ I swear, birthday parties are much more than ice cream and cake these days... We went to a birthday party for one of Chris's classmates on Saturday and the mom blew me away with her creativity- Chris had so much fun... and then on Sunday, we went to Aidan's birthday party (Ben and Rowan's brother) which was a superhero themed party. Batman and Spiderman made appearances (thanks Uncle E for jumping in to play Spidey). All of the kids dressed up and they even had a superhero parade around the neighborhood. It was funny- Spiderman spent two hours with the kids and Chris never caught on that it was Eric... Addie looked right at Spidey and said, "E.E." That girl is too smart. We've had a few playdates, another kid get together at Milwaukee's custard, and even managed to take Chris to see Monsters vs. Aliens... Well, Brendan took him on a date, and Mommy stayed at Papa and Nana's with Addie Tay Tay. Doesn't Chris look fab in his 3-D glasses? Brendan said the movie was actually really good.

This kids continue to crack me up... Chris has started saying he's going to run away from home when he's put in time out... and he wanted to know if he is allowed to "tittle tattle" on kids in his class... I guess he's worried about being a tattle tale:) Addie is just the smartest little cookie and will have complete conversations with me... but is refusing to learn to count. She will proudly say "two." She won't repeat any other numbers or try to count... it's just "two." I think she's just trying to get to me:) She and Ellasyn (Ashley's daughter) have started talking on the phone and proudly announce that they are best friends... what were we thinking encouraging this? J/K!